Monday, 21 October 2013

This is kinda of BERSERK!

One of my friends wears shoe lifts... I know sounds funny and all of us had a great laugh at his expense when he told us about how he was so tall. To be honest we didn't have a clue he was wearing shoe lifts to make himself tall despite knowing him for so so many years. I might actually start wearing them myself now! Yeah dont laugh at me I am serious.. my mate got away with wearing them for all these years so why cant I? We only found out about them because he told us all, if he didn't decide to tell us all we would be non the wiser. Anyway my mate was saying how the shoe lifts help him to gain 3 inches more height by wearing them... Wow 3 inches would make me 6ft 6! HAHA. It is a bit of a beserk idea wearing shoe lifts but hey why not? Iv been looking online for a pair and they dont seem expensive at all... ranging from $8-$15... and for extra height id say that was a true bargain. I have asked my friend whether they are comfortable to wear or if they give you any foot cramps or anything and he says no they are comfortable all the time. Im sold! Getting a pair as we speak! Oh yeah before I forget If anyone interested too in a pair here place I bought mine:

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