Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Best insoles to buy

Iv been shopping around to try and find the best insoles to buy online and I think i have found some. But first let me explain why i am trying to find insoles in the first place it all comes down to this annoying ache in my feet when i run.. every time either one of my feet hit the ground my feet just start hurting like crazy! It is so annoying I decided that I had to do something about it... So after finding the soupcaninsoles website that manufactures the best insoles known to man! After reading the articles and advice found on soupcainsoles website my confusion on what insoles to buy went away and I knew exactly what insoles to go and buy which would be comfortable for me to wear.. wouldn't empty my wallet and would give me the right level of support my feet needs to stop this annoying aching/pain while I run. I settled on getting a pair of soupcaninsoles that are available on the nuovahealth website... Soupcaninsoles provide all the insoles available at nuovahealth apparently meaning buying any insoles at nuovahealth means your getting a insole made by soupcaninsoles. After waiting a couple days for my shoe insoles to arrive I finally got them and as soon as I got them I made sure to test them out right away by going for a run... and the aches and pains that once blighted my run had totally vanished! Now when I run its as though I am running on clouds and can run much further too because pain isn't holding me back. It has been a couple weeks since i first started wearing these insoles and I have no complaints whatsoever. (Some people may warn you off off the shelf insoles by telling you that you need custom made insoles but this is just nonsense... if made from the right materials insoles will shape themselves naturally to your foot shape and you only need to but a pair that fits your foot size the material will do the rest.. well good ones like soupcaninsoles do just that anyway meaning custom insoles are just expensive and not as good as soupcaninsoles ones). Got any questions or comments then you see that form below... submit your comments and questions in it and ill get back to you as soon as I read them. Hope this little review has helped you make up your mind if you stuck wondering what insoles to go and buy.

When getting some I needed all these points to be accomplished which have been...
I run to keep healthy each day so good insoles are a must to prevent injuries.
I did not want spend loads of money buying a pair... I am poor you see.
They had to be lightweight and flexible.
Needed to buy some that didnt make my shoes to tight otherwise there is a risk of the build up of pressure  which can cause plantar fasciitis.
Needed some to get rid of that annoying ache while I am running.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Cold england and running in it

It getting cold now here in England. I have recently moved to England because of their free benefits and national health care (lol). And i must say this being my first winter here in England it isn't half cold. When i used to live in my home country (costa) I could go out for a run every morning and cold was not something i even thought existed.... Now England has gotta be the coldest place on earth..maybe colder than the north pole who knows... but in all seriousness i just cannot physically get myself up in the mornings and go running because it is just so cold i just want to lye in bed all day where it is nice and warm. When i do go outside and run i have to wear so many clothes it is unbelievable when running! (NOW DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE RAIN WHEN IT ISN'T COLD).

This is kinda of BERSERK!

One of my friends wears shoe lifts... I know sounds funny and all of us had a great laugh at his expense when he told us about how he was so tall. To be honest we didn't have a clue he was wearing shoe lifts to make himself tall despite knowing him for so so many years. I might actually start wearing them myself now! Yeah dont laugh at me I am serious.. my mate got away with wearing them for all these years so why cant I? We only found out about them because he told us all, if he didn't decide to tell us all we would be non the wiser. Anyway my mate was saying how the shoe lifts help him to gain 3 inches more height by wearing them... Wow 3 inches would make me 6ft 6! HAHA. It is a bit of a beserk idea wearing shoe lifts but hey why not? Iv been looking online for a pair and they dont seem expensive at all... ranging from $8-$15... and for extra height id say that was a true bargain. I have asked my friend whether they are comfortable to wear or if they give you any foot cramps or anything and he says no they are comfortable all the time. Im sold! Getting a pair as we speak! Oh yeah before I forget If anyone interested too in a pair here place I bought mine: http://nuovahealth.co.uk/shop/gel-height-increase-heel-lifts